Anteriore: 13
Laterale: 16
Sistema SBR: 2
Pole test: 2

Protezione dei passeggeri adulti
Testa: Buoni, Collo: Buoni, Torace: Marginale, Gamba destra: Marginale, Gamba sinistra: Marginale, Polpaccio destro: Buoni, Polpaccio sinistro: Buoni, Piede destro: Buoni, Piede sinistro: Buoni
Conducente in impatto frontale
Testa: Buoni, Collo: Buoni, Torace: Adeguata, Gamba destra: Adeguata, Gamba sinistra: Adeguata, Polpaccio destro: Buoni, Polpaccio sinistro: Buoni
Passeggero in impatto frontale
Testa: Buoni, Torace: Buoni, Addome: Buoni, Bacino: Buoni
Conducente in impatto laterale

Sistema di ritenuta per bambino
Bambino di 18 mesiBMW Junior, forward facing
Bambino di 3 anniBMW Junior, forward facing
Protezione dei pedoni
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Dotazione di sicurezza
Pretensionatori cinture di sicurezza anteriori
Limitatori di carico cinture di sicurezza anteriori
Airbag anteriore conducente
Airbag anteriore passeggero
Airbag laterali
Airbag laterale per la testa
Airbag ginocchia conducente
Dettagli della vettura testata
Lato di guidaLHD
Modello testatoBMW X5 3.0
Tipo carrozzeria5 porte Translation not found
Anno di pubblicazione2003
Numero di identificazione veicolo (VIN) a cui si riferisce la valutazioneLU95522

From June 2003 the X5 has an intelligent seat belt reminder system fitted for the driver and front seat passenger to buckle up their seat belts. As a result, the X5 has been awarded extra points that now gives the car the five star crashworthiness rating. All the doors could be opened normally after the frontal test and intrusion levels were low. The restraint system caused fairly high loads on the driver's chest. The child restraints worked reasonably well but the pedestrian protection was dire.

Impatto frontale
The body structure performed well with minimal distortion to the footwell and door aperture. Displacement of the foot pedals was also well controlled. However, the driver's chest and to a lesser extent the passenger's chest were loaded by the seat belt and both risked knee injury from contacting hard points behind the fascia. The center rear belt was a three point type that has been shown to give far superior protection to that of a lap belt alone. A good safety feature was that the center seat belt could not be used unless the hinged seat back was correctly latched.

Impatto laterale contro vettura
The X-5 performed well, as is typical of tall vehicles and its head- protecting airbag was effective. This was of the tubular type and proved more sensitive than a curtain airbag to the positioning of the driver’s head. However, this type of airbag does not protect passengers in the rear, although a rear head- protecting airbag is available as an option at extra cost.

Vehicle-specific ISOFIX seats were used forward-facing for both children. In the frontal impact both dummy heads were protected. In the side impact test neither child was protected. The 18-month-old experienced high neck loads in the frontal impact, which is often the case for young children sat forward-facing. Warnings against using a rear-facing restraint opposite an airbag were inadequate.

High vehicles pose problems for pedestrians, especially children, and the X-5 is no exception. Its front is unfriendly and its bonnet top little better; a poor rating.